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Fall Home Decor Staples - Brenna Anastasia

Fall Home Decor Staples to Add to Your Space

I love a seasonal home refresh, especially for fall! Although I love adding new fall decor to my space, I always have staple pieces ready to break out when the season comes. In this post, I’m sharing simple and timeless fall decor pieces you can swap in year after year.

Fall Home Decor Staples - Brenna Anastasia


If you’re looking for a subtle way to refresh your living room with fall home decor, a coffee table book is a great start! Additionally, little swaps like these dark khaki throw pillow covers and teddy ottoman cube are perfect to bring in a cozy feel. Other simple pieces that can bring life to your space are this faux olive tree (super good quality and a best seller) and this gold vintage mirror (available on Amazon for much less than it looks)!

With cooler temperatures comes scented candles always burning in my living room, and the need to have a hot drink on hand at all times. This candle wick trimmer will come in handy because it allows a cleaner burn and prevents soot build up. These double wall glass coffee mugs are aesthetic, lightweight and the perfect size!

Another simple swap that works for the kitchen or bathrooms are these amber glass soap dispensers. You can bring these out every year and pour in whatever soap you have (or of course, get festive with your favorite fall scent!)

I hope this roundup helps inspire your fall home decor staples collection!


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