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Skin Care Products for Glowing Skin

Skin Care Products for Glowing Skin

I get a lot of questions about what skincare products I use, so I’m sharing them with you guys today! I like to keep things very simple because I’ve found that using too many products irritates and dries my skin out. I know some people will get one pimple and literally put every product possible on their face to get it to go away. Safe to say this technique is usually ineffective and will make things worse. The products I use are very affordable and can be purchased at Target, Sephora or your local drugstore. I am in no way a doctor, only self-diagnosed by webmd (joking). But what I’m getting at here is that what works for me might not work for you, but I still wanted to share ūüôā

1. OLLY Beauty Gummy Supplments
Have you ever heard anyone say the phrase, “Take your vitamins and don’t let boys be mean to you?” This is 100% the realest statement. I love this brand because they carry a large variety of supplements for different uses.¬†These special beauty supplements blend Biotin, Vitamins C, E, and Borage Oil. These are beneficial in helping your hair, skin and nails look healthy and GROW.

2. African Black Soap
Okay, so let me start off¬†by saying that African Black Soap is NOT just¬†for African-Americans. It’s an amazing beauty secret, known by few but used religiously. It helps calm the skin, and clear up blemishes and acne. Anyone that I have introduced to the soap loves it. Prior to using this soap, I used SO MANY different types of face washes and creams. From Proactiv, to Neutrogena, to even Cetaphil. But anything that is foam based, or has ingredients like Salicylic acid are a big NO-NO unless you have severe acne. These harsh ingredients can also cause hyper-pigmentation in darker skin.

3. Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer
This is my go-to daily face moisturizer that I’ve been using for years. I use it in the morning and at night. It feels light and goes on silky smooth. However, I will say that I’ve been thinking about looking for a different moisturizer cream because my skin still feels dry sometimes. I used to use moisturizers that had acne treatment in them (I don’t know why because I didn’t even have that much acne) and they just made everything worse. Can we also add that in high school when I didn’t have anything else at hand, I would use LEGIT Bath and Body Works scented lotion on my FACE. Not okay in the least bit.

4. Micellar Water
I have talked about micellar water on the blog once before in my¬†January Favorite’s¬†post. Micellar water has micelles that cling to impurities to remove dirt and grime from your skin. It’s a lot less harsh than other products like ‘toners.’ It is almost like it’s refreshing your skin. I like to use¬†Garnier Micellar Water¬†because you can get them in two different reasonably sized bottles for a reasonable price. This water also helps to remove makeup.

5. Ultra Repair Lip Therapy by Ultra Beauty
I wrote a post about this horrible chapstick that I purchased from Whole Foods that was supposed to be all natural, but ended up chemically burning my lips and blistering them, here. It was a horrible experience and the only thing that finally started to heal them after a week was this¬†Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.¬†It is petroleum free, which is soo important when it comes to chapsticks. Read why here. It squeezes out like a soft balm because it has shea butter in it. Long story short, just because they sell it at Whole Foods doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

6. Pure Clay Mask
I love this mask¬†because it’s main purpose is to refresh your skin to make it look pure. It also gives your skin a matte, non-shiny finish. This specific mask is 1 of 3 from Loreal’s clay mask line. It contains eucalyptus which is a leaf extract that is specifically known for soothing skin. I always notice that my pores appear smaller after using this mask!

7. Micellar Wipes
These are probably my favorite brand of makeup remover wipes. They are similar to the micellar water, in the fact that they use the same micelle technology. The micelle molecules cling to dirt, oil and makeup to easily remove them from your skin. Which means no harsh rubbing. I literally CANNOT sleep with my makeup on, and these wipes make get ready for bed so much easier.

8. Cotton Rounds
Cotton rounds are definitely one of my beauty must-haves. ¬†I use them with micellar water to remove any makeup or residue that didn’t come off the first time around. Side note, I recommend going with organic cotton rounds, because with some brands, the rounds are not always 100% cotton. They can also be chemically treated with harsh chemicals like bleach. Bleach is good for disinfecting the cotton, but bad for your skin. Organic cotton rounds are a better option. I also LOVE¬†this¬†cotton round holder. Its simple and sophisticated, and won’t take up room on your bathroom counter top.

Now that you know guys know my¬†main, go-to skincare products for glowing skin, let me know which products you love to use — or if you have any questions! Leave them in the comments section below ūüôā

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