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I Stopped Getting Acrylic Nails!!

I Stopped Getting Acrylic Nails and Here's What Happened - Chanfetti


Hi guys! Soo yes you read the title right: I stopped getting acrylic nails — and here’s what happened. I got my first set of acrylic nails when I was in elementary school (young I know). Ever since then I’ve got them done every now and then. But usually I would only get them filled once or twice before eventually biting them off with my teeth. Gross, I know. Well the other day my nail lady asked me why I get acrylics, since I don’t keep them that long. Which got my thinking… why do I wear acrylic nails? I originally got them because I used to be a severe nail biter and wanted my nails to grow. (Btw, If you are a nail biter, ORLY makes this nail stuff called ‘No Bite,’ which has a bitter smell and taste to stop the habit of bitting.)

I loved my fake nails because they were very strong and durable. I could easily open things like a soda. However, the time and money required for upkeep is kinda annoying. I honestly hate spending time in the salon even though most of the time I probably need it lol. What’s bad is that the acrylic makes your nail beds weak and can even damage them. It is highly recommended to take breaks from getting them done!!

I decided that the next time I went to the salon, I would get them taken off. I’ve never had them taken off professionally, which I believe made a huge difference. Normally when I take them off myself (bad idea), my real nails are long but also very brittle and thin underneath. I was scared my nails were going to be thin and break, and I’d regret getting them taken off, however, they weren’t bad at all.

see picture belowacrylic vs natural nails

So the left photo is when I had acrylic nails, and the right is the day after I got them taken off and a manicure for my natural nails. AREN’T THEY PRETTY?!  I’ve always wanted natural and healthy nails, and now I’m on the road to that, since I stopped getting acrylic nails. The color is one that I ALWAYS get… “Let’s Be Friends” by OPI (Hello Kitty Line). I’m super excited to not pay $55 (i got acrylic nails and gel polish) every time I go to the salon. I’m also excited to have an extra hour and a half to accomplish other tasks instead of not sitting in the nail salon. Also, the myth that the UV lamps emit UV radiation that causes skin cancer and premature aging… isn’t a myth. Not to say this happens to everyone but it’s totally a thing.

Long story short, if you’ve never actually tried wearing your natural nails, you def should. OH and make sure to take vitamins like Vitamin D and Biotin for hair and nail growth. I take these.

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