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What's In My Carry-On Bag?

One of the most stressful things about flying is figuring out what to pack in your carry-on bag. Airlines have strict restrictions and not everything is allowed. I like to go to the travel section of Target to get small toiletries that are under 3.4 ounces, because that is the biggest size fluid that TSA will allow. In this blog post I’m going to be sharing what’s in my carry-on bag whenever I travel, to help make my flight experience as enjoyable as possible. I’m also linking mini black-studded backpacks that are similar to the one in the pictures that I just bought and am in love with!

  1. The first thing I carry is a small backpack or bag with straps and a zipper. One like this studded leather backpack or this mini stud backpack that’s under $50.
  2. My iPhone – Obviously a necessity. I also love that I can check-in for my flight and have my boarding pass on my phone instead of having to wait until I get to the airport to check-in and print it.
  3. iPhone Charger & Portable Charger – I always bring my charger to charge my phone at one of the charging stations in the airport, or a portable charger just in case I can’t find a station or an outlet nearby.
  4. Sleep Mask – Nothing is worse than a red-eye flight and the person next to you having a reading light on while you are trying to sleep. I have this Silk Silk Sleepmask in Gold and I love it. It is super soft and has anti-aging benefits because it doesn’t tug at your skin.
  5. Beauty Products – I like to throw a few beauty products in my bag for touch-ups and refreshing on-the-go. Some of these products include: Mascara, Lip Balm, Hand Lotion, and Hand-Sanitizer
  6. Sunnies – Right now I’m loving these black over-sized aviators by Quay Australia.
  7. Personal Items – Like my I.D. and Passport!

What's In My Carry-On Bag? - Chanfetti Blog

Hopefully this post will provide y’all with a little more insight on what’s in my carry-on bag whenever I travel, and will help your packing process go a little bit smoother!